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Cave Diving

The unique aspect of our club is the coach we hire on Sunday. The Coach picks people up between Bradford and Kildwick (along the Aire Valley). We offer two or three walks each Sunday, i.e. Easier, Medium and Harder walks, each led by an experienced Walk Leader.

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The club organises several weekends away each year to different areas for walking. A youth hostel is normally booked and members either stay together in dormitories or sometimes rooms for couples are available. Members bring their own food or enjoy the meals provided by the hostel.

Our Committee

On Saturday we offer one walk in the local areas. These are planned to be accessible by public transport (either buses or trains). Some people also reach the start of the walk using their own transport. The Saturday walk will be between 6 and 10 miles led by one of the club's leaders

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Bradford Walking is the name we use for our group on the internet. We are an established walking group also known as Bradford CHA and we celebrated our centenary in 2003. We were initially part of the larger CHA (Countrywide Holidays Association).

Leading a Walk

Please get in touch if you would like more information or to hear about the arrangements for joining one of the walks. We are very pleased to have new members join our club.


We have another website through our membership of Meetup. This gives more detailed and up to date information about our walks; if you join you can become part of our Meetup community.Click the link for more information.


Welcome to Bradford Walking

We offer walks for all abilities and interests on Saturdays and Sundays. Our members live in Bradford, the Airevalley and all surrounding areas. Look through our pages to find more about our group and the walks that we offer.
The club has a hard working committee dedicated to keeping things running smoothly by organising the walking programme, transport, holidays, social events, finance and advertising. A newsletter is published every quarter. This has articles and information about forthcoming events, holidays.

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