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The coach leaves the bottom of Nelson Street Bradford at the time indicated in the programme.
Keighley departures Routes 2, 3, 4
Pick up on the reverse of Route 1 going into Bradford.
Route 1 via A650
Bradford, bottom of Nelson Street. Oak Lane bus stop, Emm Lane bus stop, the Branch bus stop after the lights, Saltaire Roundabout bus stop, Cottingley Bar bus stop, Bingley Midland Hotel bus stop, Crossflatts bus stop, Keighley bypass McDonalds, Steeton bypass, lay-by after roundabout, Kildwick main road west end of village.
Routes 2, 3, 4
Keighley, outside Speaks, Crossflatts bus stop, Bingley bus stop opposite the Midland Hotel, Cottingley Bar bus stop, Saltaire Roundabout bus stop, The Branch bus stop after the lights, Emm Lane bus stop, Oak Lane bus stop, Bradford, bottom of Nelson Street.
Then the coach goes via one of the 3 routes below and picks-up at the following points:
Route 2: via A650 and Shipley
Oak Lane bus stop, Emm Lane bus stop, The Branch Otley Rd bus stop, Shipley Market Place,
White Cross bus stop.
Route 3:via Manchester Road to M62
Mayo Avenue opposite Morrison’s.
Route 4:via Otley Rd.
Greengates bus stop after lights.
The coach fare will be shown in the walks leaflet passed around on the day.
No reductions for part journeys.
Reduced fares are applicable for people in full time education up to the age of 18 .

Interactive Pickup Map